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Updated: Nov 19, 2022

HAPPY HOLIDAYS as we approach the next few months of my favorite season of the year. I hope you are all doing well and all your dreams are coming true at a time in our lives that can be challenging. I have been jumping from gig to gig this year. Having worked on several online commercials for the gamer community. Always appreciate when the same company hires me for a second and third time to work on their project. Have a movie coming out in early 2023 called "Molar" directed by Jonathan Rose, I play a cop, but not your average cop and it was fun! Just wrapped on a pilot where I was cast yet again as a Detective. Seems like cops and Detectives are in my wheelhouse. Spent a few months in my second home NYC and performed in a beautiful play reading at "Lenfest Performing Arts Center" called "Bleecker Street Brides" written by up and coming playwright Tatiana Kouguell-Hoell and directed by Kat Yen. Only to return to LA and go head first into Cusco Webfest, Apulia Webfest, Miami Webfest and LAwebfest 2022 for my series that I co-created with Cat Torres called "Long Island South Shore"- we won for best music, most specifically the opening title song, "Tell Me Your Secrets" that was written by Michael Haddad and sung by me! Closing out the year with some indie film work and the re-release of the SOV Cult Slasher Classic movie I starred in decades ago called, "Night Ripper". You can find it on Blu-ray it is online as well as Amazon, Walmart etc. There are up to date behind the scene photos as well as commentary and interviews from Myself, the director Jeff Hathcock and my co-star Larry Thomas. Regardless of what life is throwing your way, keep working on your dreams as they all materialize into reality! :)

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